Adorable Inspiration Bracelet

Adorable Inspiration Bracelet

An all-time classic to wear everyday with a special turn of phrase.  These customizable leather goods are chic and modern with 100% vegetable tanned leather and signature pink accent. This Three Tiny Words bracelet is a fashionable reminder of what is special to you.


Each product arrives to you in an individual cotton bag ready to gift or enjoy yourself.


SIZE: 7.75 x .5 inches.

There are two snaps to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist. The snaps are at 6.5 & 7.25 inches.
Made from natural vegetable tanned leather and accented with our signature color pink edging.


    We use etched metal letters made from hard brass for the deepest and cleanest embossing.



    • Up to 30 total characters. Some of our designs are one line and others are three lines of type. The design (one or three lines) is shown in each of the individual product photos.

    • If you have a one line design you get 30 characters on one line

    • If you have a product with three lines, you can separate out your 30 characters over three lines.



    Our font was custom made for us – we think it perfectly encompasses all the feels we have hoped for our brand and products. The font is in all upper case – no lowercase letters are available – BUT we do have some pretty awesome extra characters to bring some fun to your custom three words.

    ! (exclamation mark)
    @ (at symbol)
     , (comma)
     . (period)
    & (ampersand)
     - (minus, dash)
    ? (question mark)
    # (hashtag)

     • (dot - You can get this on your keyboard by typing <option 8>)


    Every Three Tiny Words Leather items comes to you shipped in a lovely branded muslin bag. This keeps it safe during shipping as well as a great place for you to store your items when you aren’t using them. Plus, it make a great looking gift bag too that is ready to go!


    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


    Found the perfect gift here at Three Tiny Words? Yay! Don’t worry, we’ll never include pricing in the package. Heck, we’ll even write a handwritten note for your special someone!

    Purchase our $5 Gift Wrap service here:

    Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to say on your gift note in that little area just above this note.



    Vegetable tanned leather is not only beautiful, but it is also the most eco-friendly of all the tanning leather processes. Yes, but what is vegetable tanning? Glad you asked! J It's an organic method of preparing the leather that dates back to 6000 BCE. It relies on natural vegetable tannins from bark and other plant tissues to create the beautiful patinas and finishes that you see in all our products.


    There may be some of nature's beauty marks left on the hide from the cow's life because leather is a natural material. This means your accessory may have some small scars and imperfections. Not only do these marks lend a tremendous amount of character to your item, but they are also signs that you’re getting the best leather available. Rather than wearing out, veg tanned leather will naturally condition with use, developing a much sought-after patina and unique character over time. Truly, the more you use it, the better it will look and feel.


    All leather items will be unique and slightly differ in appearance as application of dye and will never be identical. Though the same color dye is used on all products as shown in the listing images, no two items can be exactly alike. Items cut from the same hide may differ in color, thickness or pattern. It’s a natural material being handmade one beautiful piece at a time, and that’s why we love it!


    ► All items are handmade-to-order, just for you!
    ► Production Time is roughly 5-7 business days.
    ► We ship all orders with USPS Mail. 
    ► Delivery time is 2-3 days in the US for priority, and 5-7 days for first-class.
    ► On a deadline? Upgrade to Priority Mail Express at checkout 
    (1-2 day delivery US).

    IMPORTANT: as mentioned above... Current production time is 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS. Once your leather goods are completed, we will ship with the above USPS schedule. 


    Oh no! Something went wrong?

    We are here to help. We can exchange or refund any non-custom item (that means it does not have any custom text on it).

    Just make sure you contact us within 7 days of receiving the item. The item will need to be sent back to us in 14 days and in great condition, equal to the way it was when it arrived. Refunds cannot be processed until items are back in our hands, safe and sound.

    Is this something we did wrong?

    We think we are pretty good at our jobs, but every once in a while we make a mistake. Did we spell something wrong on your custom text? (whoops!) Did we send you the wrong item? It happens, and we are going to fix it, don't worry. Just contact us, let us know what is going on, and we will make it right (no restocking fee on our mistakes, and we will get you a prepaid shipping label for your return).

    The address to return an item to is as follows:

    Three Tiny Words

    3618 Northaven Rd.

    Dallas, TX 75229

    Please include a note with your order that has your ORDER NUMBER & EMAIL on there so we can get this process rolling quickly for you.